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Our Mission

The BIOGREENITALY web project involves all countries, Borghi and Marine, through the use of innovative marketing techniques, which aim at the cultural and tourist development of our country. The target is to promote the environment, the protection and wellness of one’s territory, the protection of the landscape and eco-sustainability (Earth Air Sea Eno Bio Food), with a single digital system capable of collecting all the elements that constitute our very rich artistic / cultural heritage ranging from food and wine excellences, festivals and millenary traditions.

Goals to achieve

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What people say about us?

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How do you become BioGreenItaly?

How do you become BiogreenItaly, City of Good Living?

“Good living” means having solutions and services that allow citizens to enjoy their city in an easy, simple and enjoyable way. The set of essential requirements to become BiogreenItaly are:

  • Energy and Environmental Policies
  • Eco-sustainable village – City of Mediterranean Art – Sea Village – Medieval Village – Gourmet Village
  • Urban Quality Policies
  • Cultural events
  • Agricultural, Tourist and Handicraft Policies
  • Policies for Hospitality, Awareness and Training
  • Social Cohesion
  • Partnerships

Some of these requirements are already the heritage of these cities and can be further protected and enhanced, while many others, compatibly with the urban and climatic characteristics of the territory, can be introduced inspired by applications already in place or tested in other realities.

To join, you must send a request by Pec, or get in touch with one of our BioGreenItaly staff.